UO students who live as far east as Willamette Street now have a safe ride home until 1 a.m.

The UO Campus Shuttle will be adding two off-campus routes. One winds from the EMU amphitheater to the 13th and Olive apartments, then heads near the Safeway on 18th Avenue and south to the Spencer View apartments. The other route, which is expected to begin week four, will take students to the apartments near Autzen Stadium, such as Chase Village and the Duck’s Village Apartments.

The new off-campus route for the UO campus shuttle. (from the UO webpage)

These off-campus routes are in addition to the shuttle’s main university route, which circles the area near the UO residence halls.

  1. EMU (near Columbia 150)
  2. 13th and Olive (main lobby)
  3. E. 18th Avenue and Willamette Street (near Safeway and the Mediterranean Network restaurant)
  4. Spencer View Apartments (outside of the Co-op Family Center
  5. HEDCO Education Building
  6. E 19th Avenue and Agate Street (near Tom’s Market)

UOPD, which manages the shuttle, established the routes partly due to the recent spurt of off-campus crimes, according to UO spokesman Kelly McIver.

Only one van is assigned to the new route to Willamette Street, but the shuttle completes a round every 30 minutes, so the wait time at stops will be no more than 30 minutes.

“You wouldn’t want to be running vans that are not really getting very many people in them,” McIver said. “We’d rather have an appropriate number running and make sure that they’re being well-used rather than having too much use of gas and driver time.”

Each shuttle will have a sign with the name of the route on it, according to an announcement on the UO Campus Shuttle Facebook page.

UO students can visit the shuttle’s website or the UOregon app for routes and the real-time locations of shuttles. The UO Campus Shuttle operates daily, from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.

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