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A customer browses the menu before ordering at Joe's Burgers. (Connor Cox/Emerald)

Joe’s Burgers will no longer be a fixture in the EMU — but the vacancy won’t last long. Toxic Wings & Fries will open a location in the EMU Fishbowl on Jan. 6th, the day students return to campus for winter term.

The Toxic Wings location in the EMU will offer a slightly modified version of the franchise’s usual menu. Though the restaurant usually sells wings, burgers, salads and sides, Toxic Wings owner Brandon Ingram said burgers will be absent in the EMU to accommodate for tight schedules between classes. The location will also sell breakfast combos containing a burrito and coffee for $6 in the morning starting at 7 a.m.

The EMU Toxic Wings will have two registers to cut down on wait times. One register will be reserved for express orders of pre-prepared items. Ingram said the express lane will be the fastest way to get food in the EMU.

The restaurant will be accessible to students with dietary restrictions. The only patty the store will sell will be the Veggie Hemp Burger, which can be made vegan and all food from the kitchen will be gluten-free except for sandwich buns.