Taylor’s Bar and Grill in danger of losing its liquor license

Taylor’s Bar and Grill, one of the University of Oregon’s most popular off-campus bars, may lose its liquor license. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) issued a notice to Taylor’s on Wednesday to cancel the bar’s liquor license due to 29 incidents of “serious and persistent problems."  

The hearing that will determine if Taylor’s Bar and Grill will keep its liquor license will take place from June 3 to June 8, 2019, in Eugene, according to OLCC spokesman Mark Pettinger.

In August, the OLCC sent Taylor’s a notice that cited 29 serious infractions, including druggings, DUIIs and assaults. Since the OLCC sent Taylor’s the notice, the Eugene Police Department reported a total of four incidents, including fights, disputes and assaults.

An administrative law judge will oversee the hearing and then issue a recommendation that will be discussed and likely approved at an OLCC meeting.

OLCC spokesman Matthew VanSickle wrote in an email to the Emerald that the hearing between the bar’s owner and the OLCC will not be public; however, the commission meeting that ratifies and approves the decision will be public. VanSickle said in the email that the date of that meeting is still to be determined.  

VanSickle told the Emerald in August that the serious nature of the incidents mentioned in the notice will influence the commission's decision as to whether Taylor’s will keep its license, saying that not renewing a bar’s license doesn’t happen frequently, but has happened in cases in which bars had similar incidents like the ones at Taylor’s.

The Emerald will continue to report on this story when more developments become available.

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