SEIU Solidarity Lunch Courtesy Photo 1

A banner was erected on Portland State University's campus during a union solidarity lunch for classified staff Aug. 21. Contract negotiations between Oregon's seven public universities and the union representing the classified employees who work at those universities broke down in August. (Courtesy of SEIU 503)

The Service Employees International Union voted Tuesday to ratify the tentative agreement between the SEIU and Oregon’s public universities that was decided in late Sept. This process was the final step in the lengthy bargaining process that began months ago. 

“Today draws to a close a year of hard fights for the classified staff at Oregon’s public universities,” the local SEIU chapter stated in an online post. “The bargaining team fought with the support of every member that came out to a rally, signed a petition, and voices their support.” 

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Benefits of the ratified contract include moving 15 job classifications to higher salary ranges, 48 hours of paid time off designated for inclement weather and remaining rates for health coverage and sick leave, according to Around the O

The new contract went into effect on Nov. 1.