Despite comment from Taco Bell on Friday saying it wouldn’t happen, a “coming soon” sign with the Taco Bell logo appeared today in front of the Starbucks building at the corner of 13th Avenue and Alder Street.

It appears that the fast food restaurant will replace the Quiznos inside Starbucks which closed several months ago. The sign says that the restaurant will be open 24-hours a day and feature a “lounge” atmosphere.

Ashley Sioson, a Taco Bell representative, said the company examined the possibility but denied that it would be moving into the area.

“We looked into it, and it doesn’t look there will be a Taco Bell going into the university area,” Sioson said.

According to Eugene’s Planning and Development Department, there are no active permits at the old Quiznos address and no applicants are vying for one.

Starbucks employees were unable to comment on the situation.

As one reader points out on Twitter: It may be one of the best pranks ever. There is no official word yet but the sign seems to suggest differently. We’ll continue to seek confirmation.

The Emerald caught student’s reactions to the initial rumor on video last week:

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