Portland rapper Wynne — Sina Holwerda — was hit by a car last Monday on her way back to her apartment from class at the University of Oregon, where she is a junior studying music.

“I was walking across 13th and I was probably three-quarters of the way across on a walk signal and all of the sudden I’m just wiped out,” Holwerda said.

Holwerda was struck by a Nissan SUV that was driving south on Patterson Street and turning left onto East 13th. The driver failed to see her in the crosswalk.

“I just felt the impact on my hip and the bystander witness said that I hit the top of the car and flew forward and then I was on the ground,” Holwerda said. Because the scene of the accident is right next to an emergency room, a nurse was there quickly.

Holwerda was transported to a hospital and the driver of the vehicle was issued a ticket for failure to yield to a pedestrian, according to Eugene Police.

According to Holwerda, the driver was a student and who happened to have lived in the same building as her. She said that a few days after the accident the driver came to Holwerda’s apartment to check on her and to apologize, and she seemed stressed out.

“I’m sure she had a worse day than I did,” Holwerda said of that Monday.

Holwerda had a concussion and several serious bruises and is still recovering.

She said she had been in another car accident just two weeks before this accident, in which she was stopped at a stop sign and was rear-ended by another vehicle. She had dislocated her shoulder during that accident and the injury is still healing.

Sina Holwerda (Phillip Quinn/Emerald)

This accident on Monday occurred shortly before finals for classes and a show she was supposed to perform in the following Wednesday with the Illaquips, UO’s hip-hop ensemble, but was unable to attend.

“In my family, you just tough it out — even if you’re hit by a car,” Holwerda said. She managed the walk to campus several times to do a final presentation and speak to professors about getting extensions on other projects. She plans on taking all of her final exams on time.

“I’ve been trying to chill but I’m not good at not doing things, like relaxing and not working on music and business,” Holwerda said.

Wynne will be performing on Dec. 23 at the Doug Fir lounge in an all-female hip-hop showcase.


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