Yazdani: Keeping calm with the Coronavirus

A patient who was reported to have early indicating signs of Coronavirus tested negative for the illness earlier this week, according to Lane County Public Health. Last week, PeaceHealth discharged the patient and LCPH monitored the situation. There are still no reported cases of the virus in Oregon, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

This individual was labeled a “Person Under Monitoring,” which, according to Jason Davis from Lane County Public Health, is a routine part of LCPH’s function in terms of contagious diseases. This label is typically for individuals who have met a few of the criteria on a broad list of diagnostic criteria.

“A person under monitoring, or PUM, is someone who may or may not be sick while we wait for test results to come back,” Davis said. “To date, all cases in Lane County have been moved off of the list after confirming that they have tested negative for [Coronavirus].”

Once someone is placed under monitoring, they are asked to stay away from public areas until the screening is complete. This request is different from court ordered isolation, according to Davis, and is purely voluntary.

“We have been in contact with individuals who are concerned about having [Coronavirus] because they have been in contact with someone from China and/or experiencing upper respiratory irritation,” Davis said. “It doesn’t take long to assess their risk potential of contracting the virus.”

According to Davis, the entire PUM process is a simple protocol put in place out of an abundance of caution, even equating it to having a routine check-up at the doctor’s office.

“Even if you’re 25 and in great health, you still have your blood pressure taken,” Davis said. “Chances are it’s fine, but it’s important to screen that part of your health in the rare event you do have high blood pressure.”