New ice cream pop-up opens in EMU

Dip It is a new ice cream pop-up in the EMU. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

A new ice cream pop-up named Dip It opened on the ground level of the EMU on Monday. The pop-up is located in the same storefront as Red Wagon Creamery, which closed in December after financial struggles and allegations of sexual harassment emerged against the owner.

The pop-up will be open for all of spring term and is run by University Housing. While Red Wagon sold ice cream served in cups and cones, Dip It takes a new approach to serving its product.

Customers can order a vanilla ice cream bar, frozen banana, ice cream sandwich or a Rice Krispy Treat, which is then dipped in chocolate and covered in toppings such as rainbow sprinkles and toffee bits. “I love ice cream and thought the dip concept was interesting,” said Eric Bertrand, Dip It’s creator. Bertrand says that the 62 percent Valrhona chocolate used by Dip It is one of the top varieties in the world.

Although it is early in the pop-up’s life, Bertrand says that customers are interested. “It’s the first day and business has been good so far.”

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