Annette Buchanan Conard, a former reporter whose work at the Oregon Daily Emerald led to the creation of an important Oregon law, died at the age of 67 on Feb. 1, according to an announcement by Conard’s family.

Conard was working as managing editor at the paper in 1966 when she wrote an article using seven anonymous sources detailing student use of marijuana on campus. The story led to a local law enforcement investigation in which Conard was asked to reveal the names of her sources, and was taken to court and sued for $300 when she refused. The case garnered national attention and led to the creation of Oregon’s shield law, which protects journalists from disclosing sources and information gathered in their work.

Conard went on to marry photographer Mike Conard and worked as a copy editor at The Oregonian. Conard is survived by her parents Paul and Sheila Buchanan, her sisters Marian Hoblitt and Janis Bruce and her brother Paul Buchanan.

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