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(Kayla Lockwood/Emerald)

State, County and Campus Case Updates

The Oregon Health Authority has reported 2,779 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 93 new deaths since Feb. 12 in its daily reports. Monday, Feb. 15, showed the lowest numbers, with 184 cases and zero deaths. 

The case count has risen to 9,970 and the death toll to 121, as of Feb. 18, according to Lane County Public Health. Lane County is currently at an Extreme Risk Level based on the data from Jan. 24 to Feb. 6, according to OHA’s risk level chart. However, the county would fall under the High Risk Alert threshold based on data from Jan. 31 to Feb. 13, showing its test positivity rate is falling.

In the past week, the University of Oregon’s COVID-19 website reported 62 new cases, with 33 coming from off-campus students, 27 from on-campus and two from employees. There was a decline in campus cases from Feb. 8 to 15, dropping from 83 to 25. 

Vaccine Updates

According to OHA, Oregon is currently in phase 1B of its vaccine rollout, meaning K-12 teachers and staff, childcare providers and people 75 and older are eligible to receive their first vaccination dose. People 65-years and older will become eligible on Feb. 22. 

Because of a limited supply of doses, OHA estimates that everyone who wants a vaccine likely won’t receive their first dose until early April.