When living in an apartment that is undoubtedly too small, the task of using your limited space efficiently is daunting to say the least. Each square foot of space must be maximized to accommodate all of your various books, furniture and more.

Thankfully, there are many clever and aesthetically pleasing ways to make the most of your small (or large) space. Here are five ways to make your apartment the most well-organized and space-savvy apartment in the building:

1. Wooden cubes with wheels (or casters) — $35 at Ikea. These cubes are perfect for holding magazines, electronic equipment or whatever needs storing. Besides storage, these rolling cubes serve as small end-tables, and if you have two you can create a great coffee table. Plus the wheels make it easy to rearrange and relocate them whenever and wherever you need.

2. Utility cart — $30 Ikea. If you have limited counter and storage space in your kitchen, utility carts are the perfect solution. While the top of this Ikea cart doubles as a tray, the shelves below provide excellent space to store your pots and pans. This cart is also great for entertaining because it can hold all of your beverages and treats in one convenient location.

3. Cutlery tray — $10 at Target. For keeping small spaces organized, sometimes the most unlikely items can be used, such as a cutlery tray. While made to keep your knives and forks separate, cutlery trays can also be used to organize bathroom items. For example, if you have an assortment of face washes and lotions, the tray compartments can keep these items organized and easily visible.

4. Storage Ottoman — $25 at Target. Storage Ottomans are the perfect space-saving, double-duty item. Not only can these upholstered cubes hold just about anything, they also provide a place to rest your feet and serve as extra seating when you have guests.

5. Hooks — prices vary from $5-10 at Target. It may seem like an obvious statement, but hooks are a great way to save space and organize. From kitchens to closets, hooks help keep items off the counter and out of overcrowded dressers. With relatively low cost and countless styles, hooks provide the perfect solution for budget-friendly organization.

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