At the end of each school year, and simultaneous expiration of many student housing leases, the dumpsters and curbs around the greater campus area are subject to an assortment of things left behind, otherwise known as “Hippie Christmas.” Pictured above is Emerald-found items during the end o…

At the end of the Civil War, Confederate officer Benjamin Hawthorne surrendered his troops at Virginia’s Appomattox Courthouse and walked 100 miles to his home. In 1873, eight years after the war, he moved to Oregon. In 1959, the University of Oregon named a residence hall after him.

Once construction on the new residence hall on 17th Avenue is complete, the University of Oregon will have 10 functioning dorms. As the new dorm comes online, a new requirement for first year students will begin as well. In fall 2017, all first year students will be required to live on campus. 

The Evans Scholars Foundation, which awards full tuition and housing scholarships to golf caddies from underprivileged families, has opened a chapter house at the University of Oregon. The house, located at 1910 University St., is now home to 30 Evans scholars.

Since 2006, the University of Oregon has adopted the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and their requirements as the standard for all large projects, according to the Campus Planning and Design website.

It has been a few weeks since Chipotle opened in the EMU, and it doesn’t look like the line has slowed down since the gate lowered to reveal the rusty red menus. The vendor sat behind a grate as the grand opening dates were postponed time and time again. Dan Geiger, the EMU renovation manage…

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