Members of UO fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon will have a different tactic for recruitment this term.

Effective March 9, 2014, a nationally introduced True Gentleman Experience Initiation Protocol will change the pledging process.

This protocol is intended to end the stereotypical duties of a “pledge.”

“S.A.E. nationally is putting in this new program eliminating formal pledgeship. It’s to help liability and separate pledges from being second class citizens,” Tyler Lievois, President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, said. “It’s to form unity.”

The way the new system works is similar to the current process except that once a member is given a bid, the process to become an actual brother is much shorter.

“Once they accept their official bid, they are collegiate members and they have a short period of time where they fill out applications before they are certified as members,” Lievois said.

As far as Spring Rush goes, not much will change with the process.

“It won’t affect much, it’s just different. That’s all,” Lievois said. “It’s a new process and we’re new to it.”

This new process is nation wide for all Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapters.

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