Four found dead in plane crash north of Eugene

Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley confirms four people have been found dead in a plane crash off Peoria Road in Harrisburg, Ore. on Friday April 7, 2017. (Kenny Jacoby/Emerald)

HARRISBURG, Ore. — Four people have been confirmed dead in a plane crash Friday morning near Harrisburg, about 10 miles north of Eugene, Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley said.

A small, single-engine plane crashed into an empty field off Peoria Road about a mile and a half north of Harrisburg just before 11 a.m. Friday. Deputies arrived on scene after a 9-1-1 call alerted them about the crash. The plane was found about 25 to 30 yards north of the initial point of impact.

Neither the destination of the aircraft nor the identities of the passengers are known at this time. Riley does not believe there are any survivors.

“We had some folks that maybe witnessed the plane — whether it was some mechanical difficulties or weather-related, we don’t know,” Riley said. “My understanding is the call came in from some folks that saw it having problems or going down.”

The cause of the plane crash has yet to be determined, though tornado warnings were issued in the area early Friday. The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board have begun to investigate.

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