Former University of Oregon law school student Ehvan Schectman sued the school on Nov. 10, court records show. Schectman alleges that the law school discriminated against his learning disability and then retaliated against him when he complained about it.

Ehvan Schectman sued UO on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Schectman is seeking an unspecified amount for damages and emotional distress he claims to have suffered as a result of the law school failing to accommodate his learning disability. The suit alleges that he was not granted certain legally required accommodations, such as using grammar and spell check software for his essay tests, because they would have given him an unfair advantage compared to other students.

Schectman, represented by his father’s law office, is also suing the UO Law School assistant dean for student affairs, Nicole Commissiong. Schectman alleges that Commissiong made him repeat the phrase, “I am normal” during a meeting in her office about his learning disability.

Additionally, Schectman alleges that he was unfairly placed on emergency temporary suspension from the school in November 2015 by student conduct director Sandy Weintraub.

According to the lawsuit, Schectman grew increasingly frustrated with the law school after repeated meetings with faculty to discuss his test taking and tutoring accommodations. Schectman eventually took these frustrations out in a Facebook post, which used the “slang he typically uses when communicating with his similarly-aged friends online,” the lawsuit states.

UO Law School Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Nicole Commissiong faces a lawsuit by Schectman. (Photo courtesy of UO)

The post was quickly removed, but not before a law school employee saw and saved it. A few days later, Schectman allegedly received the following email from Sandy Weintraub:

“I am placing you on temporary suspension beginning immediately (11/18/15) because of a message that you posted on public social media that was reasonably viewed as a threat to students and staff at the University of Oregon.”

Schectman’s lawsuit does not specify what the Facebook post said. The Emerald is actively seeking a copy of the post.

Weintraub declined to comment on this story.

Schectman is being represented by Eugene attorney Andrew Lewinter and the law office of Steven Schectman, his father.

According to UO spokesman Tobin Klinger, the university is aware of the lawsuit and will address it through “appropriate channels.” He did not answer questions about the case because it is an open legal matter.

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