The ballot box that sits at Erb Memorial Union on the University of Oregon campus makes voting more accessible for students. (Brad Smith/Emerald)

Editor's Note: This story was updated the evening of Wednesday, May 20 because new polling data showed that Shemia Fagan, not Mark Hass, has won the Democratic nomination for Oregon Secretary of State.

Oregonians across the state voted in the 2020 primary election on May 19, making decisions regarding candidates for local, state and federal office. Here are some of the unofficial results from the Lane County primary election, as of midnight Wednesday morning:

Local Races

Mayor of Eugene, Mayor of Springfield

Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis declared victory in her race for reelection, earning over 29,000 votes, or around 68% of the votes. Vinis ran against six other candidates. Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg won reelection, as well, receiving around 7,050 votes or 58% of the votes. 

Lane County District Attorney

The race for Lane County District Attorney pitted incumbent Lane County DA Patricia W. Perlow against Oakridge Police Officer and Attorney James Cleavenger. Perlow finished the night with around 64,000 votes — 69% of the votes — compared to Cleavenger’s approximately 28,000 votes, or 31%.

LCC Bond: Ballot measure 20-306

Ballot Measure 20-306 asked for voters to decide on whether to approve bonds for Lane Community College to perform facility improvements and construction, as well as addressing safety and technology needs. As of last night, around 58,000 votes, 58%, approved of the measure. Around 41,000 votes, 42%, did not approve of the measure. The bond has not officially been passed as of Wednesday afternoon.

Lane County Commissioners

Four candidates ran for Lane County Commissioner Position 3, which represents South Eugene. Laurie Trieger is the current frontrunner, with around 8,200 votes or 44% of the votes. Joel Iboa is the second closest, with around 6,800 votes, 36% of the votes. Sandra Bishop received 2,312 votes, at 12%, and Matt Moore received around 1,440 votes, 8% of the votes.

Unless one of the candidates finishes with more than 50% of the vote, the top two will advance to the Nov. 3 general election.

In the race for Lane County Commissioner Position 4, which represents North Eugene,  incumbent Pat Farr finished the night with around 11,400 votes, 60% of the votes. Andrew Ross, his opponent, received around 7,300 votes, at 39%.


Secretary of State 

Shamia Fagan won the race for Secretary of State, against State Senator Mark Hass and natural resource consultant Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Fagan won with 35.98% of the votes, around 196,000 votes. Hass received around 194,000 votes, or 35.62% of the votes. McLeod-Skinner received around 150,000 votes, about 28% of the votes.

The Oregonian originally called the Secretary of State race for Hass late Tuesday, based on their election modeling. As new voting data came in, however, Fagan won, by a margin of less than a percent, according to polling data.

Returns indicate that Kim Thatcher will be the Republican opponent in the general election, after receiving around 21,500 votes, or 85% of the votes. Dave W. Stauffer, another Republican running for the position, received around 3,600 votes, or 14%.

Federal Races

U.S. House of Representatives 

Incumbent Rep. Peter DeFazio, who has presented the 4th District since 1987, received around 50,300 votes, or 86% of the votes, in his reelection campaign for the Democratic nomination for the House of Representatives. Doyle Canning, his progressive challenger, received around 7,700 votes, or 13%. 

Alek Skarlatos, a veteran who rose to prominence after helping stop a gunman on a train in Europe and then starring in a film about the attack, received around 22,000 votes, or 85% of the votes, in the race for the Republican nomination. His challenger, Nelson Ijih, received around 3,400 votes, or 13%.

U.S. Senate

Incumbent U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley received around 53,300 votes, or 99% of the votes, securing him as the unchallenged Democratic nominee for the US Senate representing Oregon. Jo Rae Perkins’ received an early lead for the Republican nomination for the US Senate representing Oregon, with around 12,300 votes, 48% of the votes. Paul J. Romero Jr, another candidate for the Republican nomination, is the next closest, at around 7,700 votes, or 30%. 

U.S. President

The Associated Press reported that former US Vice President Joe Biden will win the Democratic presidential nomination, with around 38,800 votes, 66% of the votes, as of Tuesday night. President Donald Trump received around 25,300 votes, or 93% of the votes, in an unchallenged race for the Republican presidential nomination.