Behind the bar at Taylor's is a collection of liquor bottles. After citing 29 violations in 14 months, the OLCC proposed a license cancelation. (Maddie Knight/Emerald)

The decision on whether Taylor’s Bar & Grill will get its liquor license back is not expected to be made final until at least October, according to OLCC spokesperson Matthew Van Sickle.

“This is the legal process at work,” Van Sickle said in emails Monday. “We likely won’t have anything shareable for a while.”

The hearing on whether Taylor’s should get its liquor license back began in early June, but it was given a continuance for July 1 through 3. The hearing before an administrative judge has now concluded, but the results won’t be known for awhile. “The judge won’t be issuing her opinion until sometime after Labor Day,” Van Sickle wrote, “and up until then both sides will file their closing statements.”

Once the judge issues her opinion, the decision will go to the OLCC commissioners to make a final decision on whether to ratify the cancellation of Taylor’s Bar & Grill’s license, allow the bar to operate normally, or find a compromise. “It’s still anticipated to go before our commissioners in public session in the October/November timeframe,” Van Sickle wrote.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission issued a notice to cancel the bar’s license last August, citing 29 serious incidents in the previous 22 months. Since then, the notice has been amended four times to reflect new incidents, bringing the total to 42.

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