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The Emerald sports desk meets during an all-staff meeting on April 21, 2019. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

The Daily Emerald racked up 13 awards from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association’s annual college journalism contest.

Of those 13, the Emerald received five first-place awards, six second-place awards and three third-place awards. This laps the awards count from the 2020 ONPA awards, when the Emerald took home 8 awards, as well as the 2019 ONPA awards, when the Emerald earned 11.

Each year, college newspapers submit pieces to ONPA ranging from advertisements, photography and website design.

Emerald copy editor Sally Segar took home first place for best writing with multiple stories about UO psychology professor Paul Slovic, and why people are growing numb to rising death counts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the category of best writing, sports desk editor Shane Hoffmann took third place for his story about equal rights concerning player safety and the need for revenue during the pandemic. Additionally, the sports desk won second place for best section.

Former Emerald news reporter and current Ethos managing editor Nick Rosenberger took home third place in the best news story category for his story on COVID-19 halting the Hayward Field renovation and the 2020 Olympic Trials. Senior sports reporter Carly Ebisuya took first place for writing the best feature story, about the impact of women’s athletes on equal rights, with examples from the Women’s National Basketball Association and the National Women’s Soccer League.

The Emerald editorial board won second place for best editorial, as the board wrote about the newsroom's shortcomings in covering the Black community. Former arts and culture reporter Audrey Kalman also won first place for her review of “Desert Notebooks: The 2020 Musings of a White Man,” which is about the cultural, political and social analysis and significance of the desert throughout literature and across ages.

Photography desk editor Maddie Knight won two awards — second place for best sports photo and first place for best photography, with photos from the 2019 Rose Bowl and the UO underground tunnels, respectively. The Emerald also received second-place awards for best house advertisement, best website and best newspaper design.