Mckenzie hall

Conservative political activist Cabot Phillips will give a speech in Mckenzie hall at 7 p.m. on Friday. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

Cabot Phillips, a conservative political activist, will give a speech about political correctness and college culture on Friday, Nov. 16.

The event is hosted by Turning Point USA of the University of Oregon. The speech will take place in McKenzie 221 on UO’s campus at 7 p.m. It is open to the public and attendance is free.

Philips is also the media director of conservative newspaper Campus Reform.

Earlier today, Phillips tweeted a video of a girl on the UO campus tearing down a poster advertising his speech, saying, “This is what a coward looks like. Tearing down posters for my speech in Oregon, and running away when confronted...$20 says she won’t come to the event and debate me.”

In October, founder and face of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, visited UO's campus to engage and debate students in political discourse. 

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