The wait is over: a new Sweet Life Desserts location on East 19th Avenue and Agate Street opened its doors Monday morning — despite a small car accident that occurred the night before.

A new Sweet Life opened its doors on April 25 next to Prince Puckler’s on Agate Street. (Troy Shinn/Emerald)

According to managers at Sweet Life, a car backed up at a higher than usual speed and hit the side of the front entrance.

There is a sizable dent in the red metal door frame where the car made contact with the building, but there is no serious damage to the building.

Sweet Life took over the small 550-square-foot location next to Prince Puckler’s ice cream shop, originally occupied by Eugene City Bakery. This is the bakery’s second location, and will be open from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. daily.

One of the store’s managers, Leah Barber, said that opening day business has been steady.

“We’re excited to be opening here and expect that to continue,” said Barber.

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