As the sun goes down students and locals begin to arrive.(Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

As the vigil starts, complete silence consumes the crowd. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

Candles light up the faces of the pained crowd. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

Those of any religious affiliation in the crowd raise their hand to identify with the victims who lost their lives. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

Robin Holms addresses the attendants with her heartfelt message. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

Student of all ages surround the amphitheater with a somber tone(Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

People from all walks of life come to honor the victims. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

Students honor the fallen heroes with a moment of silence.(Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

The president of the university, Michael Schill, adresses the morning students. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

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