Newly opened Hub on Campus complex still working to fill vacancies

The Hub is the newest major student apartment complex. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

Since Hub on Campus, a luxury apartment complex located on 515 E. Broadway, opened its doors in September it has filled roughly 81-82 percent of its vacancies. The 12-story high-rise has a multitude of amenities including a roof-top pool, free gym, beach volleyball court and study room.

“Every amenity we have … it’s beneficial to students to help them be successful as a student and as an individual,” leasing manager Lindy Magallanes said.

According to Magallanes, students from the University of Oregon, Lane Community College and Northwest Christian University all live at Hub on Campus.

“One thing I love the most is that there’s a wide selection of activities,” UO sophomore and Hub resident Kady Chen said.

Hub on Campus has a number of competitors vying for the business of college students, including 2125 Franklin, Uncommon, and 13th and Olive.

Hub on Campus apartments range from $748 to $1,225 per month. Tenants also have the options of receiving a $1,200 check upon signing a lease if they choose to live in four or five bedroom units.

Magallanes said tenants typically book a lease of twelve months. Hub on Campus offers studio apartments as well as units with up to four and five bedrooms, all with individual leases.

Core Spaces, the national company based out of Texas that owns the complex has buildings in Eugene, Mississippi, Texas and Wisconsin. According to Magallanes, every building is specifically designed to fit the city it is built in.

Gary Crum, a retired UO professor and regular contributor to Eugene Weekly, observed that with the construction of more housing complexes marketed to students, the landscape of downtown Eugene has changed.

“Downtown Eugene is becoming more a university business than a community,” Crum said.

According to Crum, Hub on Campus and other complexes have the potential to drive down rent costs due to increased competition within the same market.

“That’s [going to] be beneficial for students of more moderate means,” he said.

Leasing agent Caitlyn Craviotto stated that Hub on Campus is different from its competitors because it is more focused on creating a sense of community than other facilities. The complex even has plans to host a volleyball tournament with notable sponsors, like Red Bull, for its residents.

“I think that people meet each other a lot easier,” Craviotto said, “We’re trying to be very college and community-oriented.”

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