Keith Darrell

Keith Darrell, a self-proclaimed "campus preacher," spoke to students about his evangelist ideologies at the EMU amphitheater on Thursday. 

Campus evangelist Keith Darrell is preaching to onlookers at the EMU amphitheater, with fluctuating crowds of approximately 50 to 100 people gathering to listen and debate.

Darrell is espousing his Christian ideology, with messages such as, “If you’re truly a good person you’ll go to heaven,” and “I don’t think about hell, I think about loving God and my neighbor.”

At one point, in an apparent attempt to emphasize his lowliness relative to God, Darrell crouched low to the ground as he said, “I’m infinitely below God.”

Some of the crowd members took to challenging Darrell’s messages, including a young male riding a bicycle through the amphitheater.

“I do not accept any God and I do not feel any love,” said the young cyclist.   

Darrell also spoke about how he had been punched four times in the past while preaching on university campuses. According to areport from the Southern Illinois University student newspaper, The Alestle, students there drove Darrell off campus after his repeated visits had angered much of the student population in 2012 .

Darrell began preaching in the early afternoon and it’s unclear how long he might continue.


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