Bronze Duck arrives to campus in dedication to Clarey family

Puddles poses with the new 1,000 pound bronze statue. (Olivia Decklar)

A crowd of around 100 people watched the unveiling of the new bronze Duck today before Men’s Basketball plays University of California Los Angeles at 1 p.m.

“If you’re of a new generation I’m sure you’ll be taking a selfie with the new Duck,” Athletic Director Rob Mullens said.

The new Duck monument is 1,000-pounds of bronze.

“This is a process and it has been going on for 18 months,” Tom Clarey, 1972 UO graduate and donor said. “This is really a day of recognition and saying thank you.”

Musician Otis Day also performed for a group of about 40 people inside of the alumni center before the unveiling.

“The (Clarey) family has been here for three generations in Oregon and I’m just happy to be apart of it,” Alison Brown, 2011 UO graduate and creator of the Duck statue, said.

The Oregon Pit Crew played the Fight Song inside of the Ford Alumni Center in preparation for the reveal.

“Just remember 1, 2, 3, like January 23rd, which I proclaim to be Duck Day,” Clarey said.

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