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All people residing in Oregon are ordered to stay home effective immediately or face the threat of a Class C Misdemeanor after an Executive Order from Governor Kate Brown on Monday. 

“To slow the spread of COVID-19 in Oregon, to protect the health and lives of Oregonians, particularly those at highest risk, and to help avoid overwhelming local and regional healthcare capacity, I find that immediate implementation of additional measures is necessary,” Brown said in the Executive Order.

Read the full Executive Order here

The order bans all non-essential social and recreational gatherings of any people outside the immediate household. Brown also orders all non-essential businesses to comply with social distancing practices or face closure by the state.

The order doesn’t close essential services, like grocery stores, pharmacies or restaurants that comply with the governor’s previous order to serve take-out options only.


Brown also cited the busy beaches and parks over the weekend as a problem for public health. In response, the Executive Order closes all private and public campgrounds and authorizes the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to close any facilities that cannot adhere to proper social distancing orders.

All workplaces that cannot move operations online or at home will be required to designate an officer to maintain social distancing policies.

This order comes three days after Kate Brown issued a confusing “stay home, stay healthy” public awareness campaign that urged residents to limit travel.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a developing story. Watch the Emerald’s coverage for the latest updates. This story will be updated with a comment from the University of Oregon if one is issued.