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A mockup of the proposed University Village that may be developed at the Romania Lot. (Courtesy of the University of Oregon)

The University of Oregon Board of Trustees will decide whether to lease an area of property for commercial development at their June 4 meeting, according to their agenda released on Monday afternoon. The Thursday meeting will also discuss approving the rewrite of the Student Conduct Code, according to the meeting agenda.

The property in question — the Romania property — is located on Franklin Boulevard, between the I-5 highway and the UO campus. The development would be situated in a 4-acre lot between Orchard Street and Walnut Street, south of Franklin Boulevard. The development would include “a boutique hotel, offices, residential apartments, a restaurant, retail stores, a gathering space, and parking facilities,” according to the meeting agenda.

Discussions about the development began in fall 2017, according to the agenda. 

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The lease for the property, according to the agenda, would run for 55 years. If approved, construction would begin in early 2022, and be completed over the course of three years. 

According to the agenda, UO would receive around $536,000 annually in rent for the property, about 5% of its $10.7 million assessed value. The base rent — around $44,600 per month — will increase 2% a year once construction has completed, according to the agenda.

The board of trustees will also deliberate over a rewrite of the Student Conduct Code, according to the agenda. The Student Conduct Committee — the individuals who rewrote the Student Conduct Code — stated their intention for creating a “clear, concise, and student-centered Code.”

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The Romania Lot is located at 2020 Franklin Blvd. in Eugene, Ore. (Maddie Knight/Emerald)

“[T]he current Student Conduct Code is convoluted and difficult to understand, thus necessitating a structural rewrite, but is also in need of some policy updates as well,” the resolution stated. 

The rewrite contains language and structural changes, to “underscore the educational purpose of the conduct process and to make the Code clear and readable to the primary audience of the Code: students,” according to the agenda. 

The rewritten code also includes the addition of an informal meeting in the course of the Student Conduct Code process, according to the agenda, in order to make sure that individuals involved in the process understand their rights and resolution options. 

The rewrite would also assign the Student Conduct Committee a new name — “Student Conduct Advisory Committee” — with a broadened role to “‘advise, advocate and advance’ the UO student conduct system,” according to the agenda. 

The Student Conduct Committee decided that UO needed a new Student Conduct Code in spring 2019, according to the agenda, with reviews of the existing codes occurring over the course of the year.

The board of trustees will review UO’s academic planning during the COVID-19 pandemic over spring term, as well as UO’s faculty research relating to the coronavirus and ongoing efforts relating to the pandemic. Additionally, the board will discuss a proposed bioengineering graduate degree, according to the agenda.

The board of trustees meeting will take place on June 4 and will be held via video conference at 9:00 a.m. Public comments can be made by emailing and the meeting can be viewed live at

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