We Are Oregon campaign manager Taylor Allison submitted additional evidence Friday that the UO Forward campaign fraudulently used phone numbers gathered for a petition submitted to the board of trustees in March.

Allison filed a grievance against UO Forward, asking for the removal of Helena Schlegel from the presidential ticket on Thursday. The petition submitted to the board of trustees called for a tuition freeze.

In a voice recording sent to the ASUO elections board, an alleged UO Forward campaign volunteer called a “Stephen,” who signed the board of trustees petition. This so-called Stephen was actually Miles Sisk, the We Are Oregon presidential candidate.

In the grievance, Sisk claims that Stephen is a name that he used to sign the tuition freeze petition with his phone number. He said that the petition was the only place where he used that particular name and his phone number.

We Are Oregon is suggesting that members of the UO Forward campaign used phone numbers gathered through a petition to freeze tuition, which could be considered fraud.

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