We went to the ASUO meeting so you didn’t have to. Here’s what you need to know:

Club Sports receives $50,000 to help send teams to national competitions

The Club Sports Advisory Board received $50,000 to send teams to national competitions. Although the group receives its funding from the EMU budget, it must also request funds from ASUO surplus because the number of teams attending national competitions changes every year, Senator Shea Northfield said.

ASUO Senate Surplus Update Feb. 24

Start of the meeting: $253,632

End of the meeting: $190,422

Total granted: $63,210

Senator Quinn Haaga wants to change the process to allow funding to send teams to national competition within Club Sports’ budget.

ASUO hosts a tuition transparency information session to prepare for next week Board of Trustees’ meeting

The session will inform students about the proposed tuition hike and ASUO’s alternative proposal. At the tuition forum on Feb. 3, ASUO President Helena Schlegel proposed a 3.5 percent tuition increase, instead of a 4.7 percent increase proposed by the administration.

ASUO will discuss strategies to lobby at the Board meeting. Attendees will also get a chance to create posters and slogans, ASUO Legislative Assistant Amy Schenk said. Some of the slogans from last year read “W.T.F. Where’s The Funding, Chuck [Lillis]?” and “We are Ducks not Bucks”

“There will be pizza,” ASUO Finance Director Shawn Stevenson added.

The meeting is at 5 p.m. in Pacific Hall room 123.

Student groups receive a total of $13,000

The Radical Organizing and Activism Resource Center and The Sustainability Center received $1,500 to bring a keynote speaker to its Earth Week event. The Sustainability Center normally has enough funds for its event, but the EMU Ballroom closure has rendered most of its funds unusable. As a result, the center must request funds from surplus for its event.

The Jewish Student Union received $5,000 to send eight students to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference in Washington D.C. Senator Jason Selby, member of the JSU, said the group fundraised about $5,500 for the trip. Students will listen to speakers about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how to be “effective pro-Israel campus activists.” The group will host an event on campus after the conference to share its knowledge with other students. The conference will be held March 20-22.

Dance for Oregon received $5,000 to send 20 students to the American College Dance Association Conference at the University of Wyoming from March 9-13. At the conference, students will attend dance workshops, lectures and performances.

Ahiru Daiko, a Japanese drumming group, was granted $1,000 for storage and rehearsal space for the next four months at the Mackenzie River Lodge. Before the request, the group was forced to store its instruments in a group member’s home and could only practice once per week in Gerlinger Hall. Now the group will be able to store its instruments and practice in the Mackenzie River Lodge twice per week.

Senate passed the Black Women of Achievement’s request of $725 to host its Women’s Empowerment Luncheon. The request will also cover the cost to renovate a house with historical significance in Eugene.

Senate passed transferring fund requests for eight student groups, including Design for America, Designated Driver Shuttle, Chinese Philanthropic Leadership Association, Veterans and Family Student Association, Her Campus Oregon, Emerging Leaders in the Arts Network, ASUO Executive and The Black Law Student Association.

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