One Oregon gets the green light to campaign again starting April 13

One Oregon is one of two runoff slates in the 2016 ASUO elections.

According to a ruling from the ASUO Constitution Court on Monday, One Oregon candidates and volunteers will have just three days to campaign online and in-person before the ASUO runoff elections conclude Friday.

This is a minor improvement for One Oregon compared to last week’s rulings by the ASUO Election Board, which banned the slate from campaigning until Thursday, April 14 in response to two campaign violations: handing out pizza in exchange for votes in Global Scholars Hall (residence halls are campaign-free zones according to elections rules), and for attempted bribery with members of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

Following the sanctions, One Oregon campaign manager Amy Laube filed an appeal to ASUO Constitution Court on April 8. Constitution court Chief Justice Thomas Bush ruled Monday to partially lift the campaign ban on the slate’s residence hall violation, which would have extended ban until the last day of runoff elections.

Despite the lift, sanctions still prohibit this runoff slate from interacting with students in person and online till 9 a.m. April 13.

One Oregon presidential candidate Zach Rentschler said during an interview with the Emerald that the campaign will keep being optimistic. He plans to reaching out to students that haven’t voted in the first round of election.

The runoff election is open on DuckWeb until 4 p.m. April 15.

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Election Board clarifies rules for campaigning:

Laptops and tablets are no-go during in-person interaction

All three campaigns last week were providing laptops and tablets to students to vote on DuckWeb during in-person interaction. The election board clarified this is not allowed in a memo sent out to all campaigns. According to the election board, voting at tables can increase the possibility that campaigns will vote for students. It can also lead to “intimidation and bribery,” and campaign can be misleading or obstructing” to students.

Campaigns are not allowed to pass out t-shirts

Slates can only give out t-shirts to students after registering them as volunteers for the campaigns. All campaigns must submit all volunteer registration forms by 5 p.m. April 10.

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