I’m with UO campaign manager Andrew Dunn filed another grievance against One Oregon this morning.

The grievance claimed that One Oregon has attempted to bribe members of Lambda Chi Alpha with financial donations in exchange for wearing its campaign T-shirts and supporting One Oregon. The grievance specified that One Oregon discussed a plan to donate $1 to the chapter’s philanthropy for every shirt worn by Lambda Chi Alpha members at the One Oregon booth on 13th Avenue and University Street.

Dunn said Lambda Chi Alpha vice presidents informed him of the agreement.

Written evidence printed out by I’m with UO says One Oregon “offered chapter money toward philanthropy for wearing shirts” and “said that [its] campaign is the only one with the support [of] IFC and PHC.” Vice President Evan Leendertse and Internal Vice President Tyler Howell signed the paper.

When asked by the Emerald, Leendertse declined to comment on the incident.

One Oregon campaign manager Amy Laube said the whole grievance is false. Laube admitted that her campaign was trying creative ways to help raise turnout, but decided last minute to not go through with it. She claims that simply discussing these options, without putting them into action, is not worthy of a grievance.

One Oregon has not paid [anyone] to support our campaign,” Laube said. “I’m just confused of what [I’m with UO] accused us of just because we said it.”

Dunn is not able to confirm if One Oregon followed through with its plan.

“Whether [One Oregon] followed through or not, we just want to let the Election Board know,” Dunn said.

The grievance calls to bar One Oregon from campaigning for the rest of the election. The Election Board has 48 hours, until 11 a.m. Friday, to rule on the grievance.

Voting is open until 4 p.m. Friday, April 8.



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