Every term, you pay $223.75 to the incidental fee, which funds the University of Oregon’s student government. It decides how to use that money to fund student groups, child care for students, SafeRide and more.

ASUO Senate approved its $16 million incidental fee budget on Feb. 17. ASUO is raising the fee by $10 per term – an increase of $339,435 to the incidental fee budget.

Below is a breakdown of most of the items funded by your fee money. This doesn’t represent the entire ASUO incidental fee budget, which can be found below.

(Click to expand image.)

How is ASUO spending the money from your incidental fee? (Raquel Ortega and Jarred Graham/Emerald)




2016-17 I-Fee Budget


Tran Nguyen and Miles Trinidad did the reporting for this infographic, and Raquel Ortega and Jarred Graham designed it.

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