Elections board dismisses grievance against One Oregon, bars one I’m with UO candidate

I’m with UO and One Oregon are the two runoff campaigns.

Two days before the runoff election ends, the ASUO Elections Board ruled on two grievances against both slates this morning.

Grievance against One Oregon

The board “declined to rule on” the grievance calling to remove One Oregon from the ballot for allegedly campaigning during a campaign ban.

The grievance claimed that One Oregon called students urging them to vote for its campaign on April 12, when it was still under the sanction prohibiting the slate from campaigning.

The board said the evidence, including two voicemails and several written testimonials from students, was not sustainable enough.

“We do not know who these callers are and have no proof they are actually representatives of One Oregon,” the ruling states.

I’m with UO campaign manager, Andrew Dunn, said he’s confused with the ruling but “will respect the process.”

Grievance against I’m with UO

I’m with UO Senate Seat 17 candidate Pablo Alvarez is banned from campaigning until April 14, the elections board ruled.

Alvarez allegedly sent out a mass email to members of the political science department. The ruling stated that Alvarez used UO Find People, which was against elections rule “to utilize resources such as class lists found on Canvas.”

I’m with UO will not appeal the elections board’s ruling, Dunn said earlier this week.

Constitution Court removes one of the candidates going to third week voting

The Constitution Court ruled to remove Priscilla Cardenas off the ballot for next week. Cardenas is running for the Student Recreation Center Advisory Board seat.

According to ASUO elections rules, a candidate must receive at least 10 percent of the general vote for that position. Cardenas only received 871 out of the total of 10,558 votes for the position.

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