ASUO Elections Guide Part 3: A list of the 100+ people running for UO student government

Not sure what you’re looking at? This is the third of a three-part series on ASUO elections. To learn more about student government at the UO, click here for part one. If you’re already familiar, but want to brush up on this year’s election process, click here for part two.  If …

Not sure what you’re looking at? This is the third of a three-part series on ASUO elections. To learn more about student government at the UO, click here for part one. If you’re already familiar, but want to brush up on this year’s election process, click here for part two. 

If you’re bummed about Oregon’s belated presidential primary date (May 17), there’s another way you can exercise your right to vote, and it’s just a week away.

Campaigns for next year’s UO student government kicked off this week in preparation for the April 4-8 voting period on DuckWeb. This year’s slates for the ASUO executive and senate are I’m with UODuck Squad and One Oregon. If you’re unfamiliar with how ASUO elections work at UO, read this explainer post first. Otherwise, here’s a list of candidates seeking seats on next year’s student government.


I’m with UO

Quinn Haaga, President
Student government experience: ASUO Senate vice president, and vice-chair of the senate’s programs finance committee.
Other affiliations: co-development coordinator for Camp Kesem, Environmental Leadership program, member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and vice president of accountability for the Panhellenic Executive Council.
Twitter: @astoldbyq
Major: Planning, Public Policy and Management.

Natalie Fisher, External VP
Student government experience: ASUO Senator and vice-chair of the PFC.
Other affiliations: President of Chi Omega, Wayne Morse Scholars Program member, the Fraternity and Sorority Life Sexual Assault Awareness Task Force, former delegate of Sexual Violence Prevention and Leadership Board.
Twitter: @rehsifeilatan
Major: Political Science and Sociology

Zach Lusby, Internal VP
Student government experience: ASUO senator
Other affiliations: Content editor of Siren Magazine, member of Delta Tau Delta, former member of the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education board, former co-chair of UO Students for Choice.
Twitter: @zachlassen
Major: English

One Oregon

Zachary Rentschler, President
Student government experience: ASUO senator, former executive appointee to the senate’s departments finance committee.
Other affiliations: member of Delta Upsilon, Oregon Student Association.
Twitter: @zachrentschler
Major: Spanish, French, Political Science, Journalism.

Tori Ganahl, External VP
Student government experience: None
Other affiliations: Panhellenic Council president, former president of Delta Gamma.
Twitter: @toriann6321
Major: Journalism

Adam Sharf, Internal VP 
Student government experience: member of the Student Recreation Center Advisory Board.
Other affiliations: VP of recruitment for the Interfraternity Council.
Twitter: @AdamSharf18
Major: Political Science

Duck Squad

Samara Mokaya, President
Student government experience: None
Other affiliations: Member of the Student Orientation Staff, Black Student Union, outreach coordinator at the multicultural center.
Major: Political Science

Sophie Albanis, External VP
Student government experience: ASUO Executive’s sexual and mental health advocate.
Other affiliations: Former Editor in Chief and current managing editor of Siren Magazine, student representative on the UO’s committee on gender and sex-based violence.
Women’s and Gender Studies

Abel Cerros, Internal VP
Student government experience: ASUO senator, 2014-2015 student representative on UO faculty senate.
Other affiliations: MEChA, co-director of Coalition Against Environmental Racism.
Major: Ethnic Studies


Seat 1, Programs Finance Committee

Julia McInnis, I’m with UO
Martin Martinez, Duck Squad
Abdullah Alshobiky, One Oregon

Seat 2, Programs Finance Committee

Jordan Allison, I’m with UO
Mickey Swartz, Duck Squad
Lauren Horner, One Oregon

Seat 4, EMU Board

Madison Moskowitz, I’m with UO
Rita Jia, Duck Squad
Christine Lu, One Oregon

Seat 5, EMU Board

Erika Goto, I’m with UO
Maxine David, Duck Squad
Brendan Carey, One Oregon

Seat 6, EMU Board

Tess Mor, I’m with UO
Jason Kim, Duck Squad
Drew Williams, One Oregon

Seat 7, Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee

Keegan WIlliams-Thomas, I’m with UO
Richard Lopez, Duck Squad
Alex Reasoner, One Oregon

Seat 9, Departments Finance Committee

Hassan Almumen, I’m with UO
May Saechao, Duck Squad
Camila Merlo Flores, One Oregon

Seat 11, Journalism

Blair Barnes, I’m with UO
Michelle Nguyen, Duck Squad
Jake Smith, One Oregon

Seat 12, English, History, Language

Lisa Smith, I’m with UO
Leo Zhong, Duck Squad
Sara Golestaneh, One Oregon

Seat 13, Music, Art, Public Policy

Lauren Young, I’m with UO
Adrion Trujillo, Duck Squad
Hiro Nukaga, One Oregon

Seat 14, Business

Emily Huang, I’m with UO
Clarice Beasley, Duck Squad
Colin Petitt, One Oregon

Seat 16, Life Sciences

Hao Tan, I’m with UO
Dayja Curry, Duck Squad
Jordan Thierry, One Oregon

Seat 17, Social Studies

Pablo Alvarez, I’m with UO
July Ramirez, Duck Squad
Margaret Butler, One Oregon

Seat 18, Physical and Computer Sciences

Blair Toy, I’m with UO
Rachel David, Duck Squad
Edward Szczepanski, One Oregon

Seat 20, Education and Undeclared

Ellie Holschler, I’m with UO
May Dinh, Duck Squad
Mikayla Rowe, One Oregon

Seat 22, Graduate Arts & Humanities

Aaron Porter, Duck Squad
Terra Wheeler, One Oregon

Seat 23, Law and Sciences

Mike Francisco, I’m with UO
Awab Rawi, One Oregon

Committees at-large

ACFC at-large

I’m with UO
Maddie Moore, Morgan Krakow, Ben Brown (2-year)

Duck Squad
Nicki Zavoshy, Talisha Jackson (2-year)

One Oregon
Solomon Greenwald, Yuri D’Agosto, Henry Korman

PFC at-large

I’m with UO
Claudia-Rose Mehranbod and Luci Charlton

Duck Squad
Leonardo Perez, Nhu Le, Anna Hoffer

One Oregon
Cherry Ni and Emily Pearson

DFC at-large

I’m with UO
Janelle Bond and Pen Gou

Duck Squad
Gabrielle de Pena

One Oregon
Nicole Leisy and Olivia Anderson

EMU at-large (one and two-year seats)

I’m with UO
Adrianna Roberts, Emily McAlindin, Alex Pear, Sammi Wong

Duck Squad
Justin Cheung, Amber Erkan, Jackie Mayorga, Kiara Kashuba

One Oregon
Jasmine Asadi, Olivia Onustock, Josie Kissinger, Ben Barna

Student Recreation Center Advisory Board

I’m with UO
Peri Langlois, Rachael Wallace, Rachel Wilson

Duck Squad
Delbar Efhad, Ariston Mokaya, Priscilla Cardenas

One Oregon
Claire Bange and Trevor Lan

Associated Students Presidential Advisory Council

I’m with UO
Rachel Benner

Duck Squad
Sierra Jager

One Oregon
Mikkel Hendison

Student Planning and Construction Committee

I’m with UO
Woo-Rim Lee

Duck Squad
Max Jensen

One Oregon
Allison Bruno


Note: Abel Cerros is the chief of the Emerald’s bike delivery crew. He is not involved with editorial operations at Emerald Media Group. Follow Dahlia Bazzaz on Twitter: @dahliabazzaz.

What is the executive?

The executive consists of the ASUO president, the external vice president and internal vice president, grouped together by their slate. On DuckWeb, you’ll have to vote for executive by slate, and not by individual candidates.









































What is the senate?

The ASUO senate is like the student government version of Congress. Each senator’s “seat” either: represents a major or department of the university, such as “business” or “social studies,” or a spot on one of the senate’s finance committees. Senators meet weekly throughout the year to allocate money collected from your incidental fee to student groups and other causes. On DuckWeb, you have the option of choosing individual candidates for the job, regardless of slate.














































What are the committees at-large?

People with at-large seats only vote on matters that concern their respective committees, and are not official members of the senate. On DuckWeb, you have the option of choosing individual candidates for the job, regardless of slate.

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