What to expect from ASUO 2018-2019

The next administration of ASUO officials was ushered in during an oath of office ceremony Wednesday evening. The 33 incoming student officials, headed by President Sabinna Estephania Pierre and Vice President Montse Mendez, will be leading the University of Oregon's student government for the 2019-2020 school year.


New ASUO president, Sabinna Pierre (right) and vice president Montse Mendez (left) represent the Ducks Empowered slate. Ducks Empowered works with student accessibility for tuition, mental health and student pay.

The ceremony was kicked off by Vice President for Student Life Dr. Kevin Marbury, who spoke about the potential for the next generation of ASUO to forge a new path of leadership.

“It will take people like each of you to redefine and reframe what leadership should be,” Marbury said.

Each of the outgoing executives had words of advice for their successors on how to handle the rigors of student government:

“It's not easy, but ASUO is nothing but a platform, and I hope you remember that,” said Chief of Staff Tan Perkins. “That's all it should be, but you owe students big-time, and it should be a little bit selfless. You all chose this, so remember that.”

“Just keep learning, never think you're the expert,” Vice President Imani Dorsey said. “This place will throw curveball after curveball at you, admin will and students will. Always stay dynamic.”

Outgoing President Maria Gallegos-Chacón advised the new officials to really represent the student body.

“We've been here a long time, and nothing at this institution makes me feel like people care about students the same way students do. You have to have your own back, and each others backs.”

After the newly-elected took their oaths of office, the leaving members of the judicial, legislative, and executive branches were recognized for their service. Mendez praised the outbound senate members for their hard work during a difficult financial year.

“I could not be more proud and thankful for each of the unique strengths each person here has brought to the table,” Mendez told the crowd. “We were part of something bigger than words can really explain.”

Gallegos-Chacón, Dorsey and Perkins gave thanks to their executive cabinet and bid farewell to the position.

“Thank you so much, to senators as well, for taking on this weird, wild adventure that is ASUO,” Gallegos-Chacón said.