The ASUO office in the EMU. (Emerald)

The Associated Students of the University of Oregon released a statement on Instagram on Sunday in support of the Pac-12 athletes’ #WeAreUnited Movement. The movement demands that Pac-12 schools prioritize athletes’ health and safety during the coronavirus pandemic and provide adequate compensation in order to eliminate racial injustice.

“To expect our athletes to return to their sports at this time would be putting both their health as well as the health of their loved ones at a risk that far outweighs the disappointment of a canceled athletics season,” the ASUO Executive branch wrote.

The statement also acknowledged athletes’ demands for “protection of all sports by eliminating excessive expenditures,” ending racial injustice in college sports and pursuing economic freedom and equity.

Pac-12 athletes, including those at UO, are threatening to boycott the 2020 football season if their concerns are not addressed.

“This is a moment for universities across the PAC 12 to show their support for their students,” the statement read, “and stand alongside them whilst they demand to be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve.”

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