Along with the new year comes the ASUO Senate looking to get some new faces on the body after five senators resigned at the end of fall term. Senators Parker Williams, Jonathan Wu, Kevin Frazier, Lexi Olson and Stephanie Schie all resigned, leaving the ASUO Executive the task of finding new people to fill senate seats as soon as possible.

“Think about the student groups that aren’t represented here, and see if they’re interested in Senate,” ASUO Internal Vice President Azia Calderhead said at Wednesday night’s meeting. “We’re looking to get as many students from as many student groups represented here.”

The Senate applications are available on the ASUO’s website, and are due Jan. 10. The hiring process will consist of being interviewed by a hiring committee that’s composed of Senators Alivia Felciano, Quinn MacLean, Senate President Matthew Miyamoto and ASUO External Vice President Greg Mills. @@ @@

“The hiring committee will be conducting the interview process, but before we interview them we’ll be sure to screen applicants via their applications,” Miyamoto said. “After that we’ll make our decisions, and then the executive will appoint who will be the next senators.”

A representative for business and economics, history and journalism, undeclared and music arts and a freshman representative are needed, as well as a representative for the Program Finance Committee and the EMU.

During a special request for the Multicultural Center, Sen. Taylor Allison shed some new light on how the body should be funding for food for events. Allison pointed out that according to the Green Tape Notebook, the ASUO handbook, food can be funded only if it’s integral to the event, if it serves all incidental fee paying students and if the food is not being used for a profit.

“It just seems interesting that the event has to be open to all students, and that it can’t be used for a meeting for just a specific group,” Allison said. “I just think it’s something that we need to keep in mind.”

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