Jr’s Taqueria is based out of Salem, Ore. The 2019 ASUO Fall Street Faire lines E 13th Avenue with food carts, clothing pop-ups and more on Oct. 16, 2019. (Marissa Willke/Emerald)

ASUO has canceled the 2021 spring Street Faire, according to an Instagram post from Friday afternoon.

“The risk that COVID-19 poses to the safety of our campus community and our vendors is too great,” the post read. “We are deeply saddened that this event must be cancelled once again, and it is our sincere hope that Street Faire will occur again in Fall 2021.”

ASUO also cancelled the fall 2020 Street Faire, due to COVID-19 precautions. The tradition, 40 years running, has been a bi-annual event. Street vendors and small businesses typically set up food carts and tents along 13th Avenue, between Kincaid and University Street. 

UO reported 13 new COVID-19 cases Thursday, bringing the total of UO-related COVID-19 cases to 746, according to UO’s COVID-19 case portal.

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