Student tuition protest sends board of trustees meeting into recess as vote on increase looms

A tuition protest sent the University of Oregon’s board of trustees into recess Thursday afternoon. The board is expected to approve a 3.7 percent increase.

The University of Oregon’s board of trustees went into a recess after a student protest broke out during a budget report. The students were protesting the proposed 3.8 percent instate and 3.7 percent out of state tuition increase the board is expected to approve.

During Jamie Moffitt’s report on UO’s budget, dozens of students entered the ballroom of the Ford Alumni Center. Those students didn’t immediately sit in the audience. Instead, they lined the walls of the ballroom holding signs protesting tuition increases, eventually filling in the audience section.

Signs like,

“W.T.F. Where’s The Funding Chuck?”

“We Are Ducks Not Bucks”

“Tuition Freeze”

ASUO State Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Ramos said that the students will stay until the board votes on the budget.

“The students are fighting against a 3.7 percent increase in tuition,” Ramos said. “We want a zero percent increase because we see that administrative salaries go up as tuition prices go up.”

Ramos emphasized that students shouldn’t be bought out.

The board passed a resolution to approve a tuition increase. Trustees Helena Schlegels and Kurt Willcox voted against the resolution. All others voted yes, except Ann Curry, who was not in attendance. When the tuition resolution passed, Ramos led the crowd in chants against the tuition process.

Elle Mallon, ASUO Gender and Sexuality Diversity Advocate began the chant, “Education is a right.”

The meeting went back into session at 3:20 p.m. At 3:30 p.m. Around the O, a university publication, tweeted:

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