Your GTF may not be in class tomorrow.

The Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation announced a strike after a final mediation session with the administration early Monday evening.

The GTFF decided to strike in October. A mandatory 30-day cooling-off period meant the union couldn’t legally stop working until after a handful of mediation sessions. The strike will begin on Tuesday and continue until the administration and the GTF union reach an agreement. Until then, GTFs who have chosen to strike will cease their work while continuing their coursework as graduate students.

Interim President Scott Coltrane replied to the beginning of the strike in an email:

“Today’s offer included a hardship fund that would provide financial support for graduate students in need,” Coltrane wrote. “Trust has broken down and rebuilding that trust will be a priority when this is over.”

You can find out what the strike will look like here. For more on why the GTFs are striking, check out the strike guide.

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