The governor wants the university and the graduate students to find a solution.

Governor John Kitzhaber called both Interim President Scott Coltrane and Joe Henry on Dec. 1, president of the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation and encouraged them both to “continue negotiations,” according to Melissa Navas, press secretary for the office of the governor. That was the day that mediation ended and the GTFF announced their strike.

Coltrane said it was a friendly conversation, according to Julie Brown, senior director of communications at the University of Oregon. Henry has not yet commented.

A staff member from the governor’s office has been in contact with both sides since Monday, according to Navas.

Graduate students who are a part of the GTFF have been striking since Tuesday, Dec. 2. The GTFF and the university will return to negotiation Thursday.

If you want to understand the background of the strike, here’s a timeline.

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