The GTFF strike could result in a quite stinky campus. If an agreement isn’t reached between the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation and the university, University of Oregon’s garbage will not be collected.

The Teamsters Local #206 union, which includes Sanipac drivers, issued a 72-hour notice that it will not cross the picket lines.

“The union has notified members and employers of the strike where necessary,” said #206 representative Leonard Stoeher. “We stand in full support of our brothers and sisters of the UO teaching fellows.”

Representatives from the Teamsters union could not comment on other companies represented by its union at the time of this post. If the strike is not settled by the 72 hour deadline, Teamster #206 services could be affected.

“The university understands and respects the decision by the teamsters to honor the GTFF’s strike,” Tobin Klinger, UO senior director of Public Affairs and Communications said. “This is not the first time a situation such as this has come up and alternative arrangements are being made for outside unionized service providers who are uncomfortable crossing the picket line to ensure the needs of campus are met.”