Executive director candidate envisions Health Center focus on “excellence” and “relevance”

Shannon Millington presents her vision for UO Health Center in Jan. 29

Shannon Millington, current Director of Health Systems and Services, wants the University Health Center to focus on “excellence and relevance” in her presentation for the executive health center director position Jan. 29.

Millington has worked in multiple positions in UHC for 10 years, according to her resume. From physical therapist to operations manager, Millington said the experiences enhance her understanding of how UHC operates.

In the mists of drastic changes happening in the health industry, Millington said it’s important that UHC maintain its core value as in providing affordable health services to all students.

“We provide access to great care and services in a manner which ensure our students and staff feel welcome, respected  and safe,” Millington said. “We also need to continue to work advancing our multicultural initiative and renewing our commitment to provision exceptional care.”

In addition to maintain the “excellence,” Millington also visions improving “relevance” on campus by taking on changes head-on. She spoke highly of UHC staff’s effort last year when the meningitis broke out on campus and hopes to continue that effort in the day-to-day operations.

“We need to continue our preparation for various community health emergency so that we could effectively response in a timely and confident manner,” Millington said.

Millington said UHC needs to keep learning about students’ ever changing needs to enhance the academic result and serve university’s mission.

She also aims to find creative ways to work around state and university policies in order to continue providing UO students affordable health care.

Millington said Holmes and Schill has proposed to further cut UHC budget to redirect university’s mission. She’s confident in taking on the challenge.

Outside of work, Millington volunteers with Willamette Pass Ski Patrol. She enjoys snowboarding, sailing, spending time at the ocean and other outdoors activities.

The other candidate, LeAnn Gutierrez, presented on Jan. 26. The Emerald has a report here.

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