The Taiwanese Student Association hosted a cultural night on Feb. 13 in the EMU ballroom. The event featured many performers from the “China Night” Lunar New Year celebrations on Jan. 29 and featured original performances that students practiced in two weeks between the shows.

“We didn’t want our performances to be the same as China Night,” said Winston Wang, UO TSA member and the M.C. for the night. “We made our performances different. We wanted to give the audience an experience they have never seen before.”

Taiwan Night takes place every spring term between Chinese New Year and Valentines Day. Unlike China Night, in which the hosts speak almost entirely in Mandarin, Taiwan Night’s hosts interact with the audience in English.

Wang said that the event, which sold 130 tickets, allows performers of all backgrounds to express their talents.

“We wanted to share our culture, but also meet with performers on campus and give them a stage to perform,” Wang said. “Actually, we know that some of them are trying to build up a portfolio, so we welcome anyone on campus who wants to perform.”

TSA students served Cantonese-style vegetable stir-fry, chicken strips and fried tofu. The Capri Eugene real estate company, the event’s main sponsor, provided prizes: a giant teddy bear, bean bags, a blender, a speaker and a 43-inch T.V.

The event was hosted by the Taiwan Student Association. The group displayed their logo on large screens and T-shirts. (Andrew Field/Emerald)

The event featured an abundance of spareribs, which are popular in Cantonese cuisine. Fried tofu, chicken breast and stir-fry were the other dishes served. (Andrew Field/Emerald)

Ruihan Gao prepares for her performance with her K-Pop dance group K.Aire. (Andrew Field/Emerald)

The M.C. for the night was UO student Winston Wang. He didn’t refrain from complementing the talents of the night’s performers and sharing their backstories. (Andrew Field/Emerald)

Winston Wang showed his own vocal skills, singing a cover of “Long Shot” by Nayin. (Andrew Field/Emerald)

The UO Wushu club performed a choreographed Taolu, punching and striking stances in front of the crowd. The team also spun staffs and sword props. (Andrew Field/Emerald)

UO students Ruihan Gao and Adam Wang perform a romantic contemporary dance to acoustic versions of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” and “Company.” The biology and computer science major students finished with Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” (Andrew Field/Emerald)

UO School of Music student Field Zhang Jong smiles after the audience calls for him to do another song, following his rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. He rounded off his set by performing Mozart’s “Rando Alla Turca.” (Andrew Field/Emerald)

UO psychology major Trevor Lan was a mysterious presence during Taiwan Night: the audience could only get a peek of his face from the flashing lights of his rap performance, which was otherwise concealed by the shade of his cap. (Andrew Field/Emerald)

Li Zuohao showcased his yo-yo talent to “Hair” by Lady Gaga. (Andrew Field/Emerald)

Leslie Li, a student sitting in the Hong Kong Student Association section, watches performers singing a love ballad. (Andrew Field/Emerald)

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