EMU to offer new study spots as Knight Library reduces operation hours

Tonight, the Insight program will host a free hour-long lecture led by UO instructor Ce Rosenow at 7 p.m. in the Knight Library Browsing room as an introduction to its four-week seminar series on how to read, interpret, and write Haiku poetry. (Emerald archives)

The Knight library will no longer operate on a 24-hour schedule five times a week, according Lesli Larson, Director of Library Communication and Marketing.

The library is now open to students from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily.

Despite the cut in operation hours, the library is increasing service hours — to 2 a.m. — instead of having student workers leave at 9 p.m. The longer service hours will provide more opportunity for students who need help in the library, Larson said.

The library’s collaboration with Student Life and other programs on campus is designed to expand students’ options on study spots on campus. One of the noticeable spots will be the new section in the newly renovated Erb Memorial Union.

Opened in Spring 2016, the ground floor of the EMU includes Falling Sky Brewery, Red Wagon Creamery and Townshend’s Teahouse. It will be now open for the public until midnight daily. For students with an ID card, the lounge in the ground level will be accessible all the time said Laurie Woodward, EMU Director.

“It’s going to be a good place to study and hang,” Woodward said. “We want to encourage the night lifestyle.”

When UO junior Madison Moskowitz was a resident assistant at Learning Living Center, she said her biggest advice to freshmen was to study outside of their bedrooms.

“It’s not very good to stay in your dorm room to study,” Moskowitz said. “[The residence hall] is supposed to be a place to hang out with your friends and have fun.”

Knight Library, located on the rear west end of campus, has been the first option for many students. With eight locations across campus, the UO library system assists roughly 50,000 students with their studies and research every day.

But Moskowitz said for students new to campus, studying at the library is not always the best option. Throughout her time working in University Housing, Moskowitz said she has seen several students concerned with the walk from the library back to their residence halls.

“Walking back can be scary. I have seen students carry pepper spray with them at all times, and it sucks that we have to be cautious about safety on campus,” Moskowitz said.

Larson also echoed Moskowitz’s sentiment.
“We have concerns about safety,” Larson said. “In fact, that’s the first thing a lot of parents mentioned when they first came to the library.”
With the EMU now reopened, Moskowitz said she hopes it will become the students’ building, connecting their academic lives with their residence halls.
“The location is much more central than Knight Library,” Moskowitz said. “[The EMU] is such a connector piece geographic-wise.”
Woodward said the EMU will employ a security guard to maintain safety in the building after hours. UO Communications Kelly McIver said it will be one of the existing UOPD officers.
In the upcoming week, Student Life will also update the Be A Duck mobile app with a guide to all the study spots after 9 p.m., including a map with all the well-lit routes for students to navigate around campus, Larson said.
The library will resume the 24/5 operation hours during finals week, Larson said.

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