Have you ever wondered which residence hall has the most drug and alcohol violations?

During fall term of 2017, there were a total of 416 liquor law violation citations and 93 drug law violation citations given in the 10 residence halls at UO. This comes to a total of 509 drug or alcohol law violations, according to the UOPD clerg log.

These violations are usually minors in possession of alcohol or marijuana but can be any violation of university policy or the residence hall contract that is related to possession or use of controlled substances, according to UOPD spokesmen Kelly McIver.

Drug law violations can refer to any non-alcohol controlled substance such as marijuana, misused prescription drugs or any other illegal drugs. Despite the fact that marijuana is legal in Oregon for anyone over the age of 21, it is not allowed on the UO campus.

With residence hall occupancy at 4,160 people, as much as 12 percent of students living in the residence halls may have received a citation for a drug or alcohol-related violation during the term.

Hamilton Hall on the east side of the University of Oregon campus. (Amanda Shigeoka/Emerald)

The hall with the most total drug and alcohol-related violations was Hamilton with a total of 106. Hamilton also had the most drug law violations at 39. The Living Learning Center has the most liquor law violations with 83.

On the other end of the spectrum, Walton hall had the least combined violations with only 14 in total. Despite having the most liquor law violations, LLC had the fewest drug law violations with only one. Riley hall had the lowest number of alcohol law violations with seven.

On average, there were 7.6 citations given every day during the term.

Of the 509 violations, 414 of them occurred in residence halls between Villard Street and Kincaid Street. The rest of them occurred in Barnhart hall and Riley hall. Barnhart had the majority of the violations between the two with 80 of the 95.

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