If you’re finding yourself with more time on your hands than usual and with an inclination to try something new, consider picking up a new hobby that will benefit you today and in the future. Below are a few ways to compliment your time spent socially distancing. 


Plan Future Adventures

Going stir-crazy? Plan for a time when you can roam freely once again. Strategizing a future trip allows you to focus your wanderlust towards creating possibilities. Navigating through locations on your bucket list and doing online research are great ways to prepare for an excursion in coming times. Check out Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, documentaries and order some travel books to familiarize yourself with new locations and to help solidify your travel goals. Podcasts and travel journals can be great ways to understand the experiences of others and to get yourself excited about a new location. 



Sometimes, it can be incredibly refreshing to get your hands dirty. When leaving the house has become more trying (especially if you don’t have a backyard of your own) bringing the soil inside is the perfect substitution. Finding plants that are durable and that don’t require too much upkeep can be a nice place to start when introducing a new plant family. Gardening indoors proves to be an admirable way to bring life into your living space and to encourage quality time with nature each day. It’s charming and rewarding to grow a new plant! Making and decorating a birdhouse is another way to bring nature closer to your home. You never know what kind of critters will enjoy your project just outside your window.


Scratch your itch for a new wardrobe by remodeling some shoes and garments you already have tucked in your closet. Transforming pieces with tie-die, paint, embroidery, or simply with a solid pair of scissors are innovative ways to make some unique and revamped threads. Crafting your own accessories and jewelry can prove to add chic updates to your look as well. If you really enjoy the process you can take some of your original bits and sell them online. A humble Instagram business is a simple and straightforward creative outlet. 

Get Moving

If you need to get moving, discover a new way to exercise. Pick up your bike or sneakers and set out on a trail. Progressing and improving on distance and time can be equally rewarding and good for you. Rollerblading, paddleboarding, improving your yoga practice or grabbing your dog for a walk can all serve as refreshing options to get outside as well. 


Embrace Your Inner Photographer

Going out (or staying in) with your camera can be intriguing during a novel time like this. Finding new ways to shoot photos or video will prove to be interesting now, and will feel even more amusing in retrospect. Fortunately, our phones can take considerably great photos so picking up photography or videography won’t require much more than an eye for something appealing.