Video: The Women’s Marches in Oregon

This weekend women all over the United States united in protest and support for civil rights. Some estimates put the attendance at three million people, or more than 1 percent of the total population. Over 100,000 women marched in Portland alone. They originally met at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, and marched in a organized route through lower downtown Portland. The march was peaceful, but so large that the entire route was full for most of the event’s duration.

Thousands of protesters descended on the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Eugene, Saturday, Jan. 21, for the Women’s Day March. Protesters met at the Courthouse at noon and listened to several speakers, including Mayor Lucy Vinis, City Councilor Emily Semple, and several religious and activists leaders from Eugene. Around 7,000 protesters then marched several blocks to WOW Hall in downtown Eugene where they met to chant and cheer against President Trump. Signs calling for the impeachment of Trump dotted the crowd as pink-hatted protesters marched through the streets.

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