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Editor’s Note: With school online due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures being implemented across the country, things will sound a bit different here at the Emerald Podcast Network as we navigate recording from separate physical spaces. We’ve got limited recording technology, so join us as we figure this out.

The first footage of the next generation arrives with Unreal Engine 5, Paper Mario is back, some Tony Hawk games get a remaster, and Ghosts of Tsushima looks a whole lot like Assassin's Creed (but not in a bad way.) Also: Corona Virus continues to slow game production and EVO 2020 goes online. All this and more news!

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This podcast was produced by the hosts of the Emerald GamesCast. Podcast editor Sararosa Davies edited.

Links for this week's news stories:

Sony reveals Playstation Studios brand…ch-alongside-ps5

Unreal 5 Demo


Xbox lead Phil Spencer says Game production has essentially stopped due to Coronavirus…

Unreal 4 is now free to use until your game makes $1 million in revenue…-whopping-1-mill/

EVO 2020 moves to online only, changes lineup to focus on games with online netcode…ros-ultimate-lineup


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