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Illustration by Billy Lawson

In the spring of 2019, Daily Emerald podcast editor Sararosa Davies and news reporter Jack Forrest wanted to find a way to explore pertinent social issues through the experts we have on campus here at the University of Oregon. Out of those conversations, we developed Spelling It Out, a new podcast from the Emerald Podcast Network. The first topic of focus we chose for Spelling It Out was gun control and the second amendment. It wasn’t an easy place to start.

When we found Professor of Law and former Oregon Judge David Schuman, we knew were well on our way to getting some of our questions answered.

Professor Schuman, who could count Oregon deputy attorney general and judge among his accolades, passed away this fall. Like any great professor, Schuman taught us a lot about the second amendment before we even got him in the podcast booth. He was prepared with a stack of paper and guided us through the legal issues surrounding gun use and control in Oregon. Emerald news reporter Jack Forrest spoke with Professor Schuman about a few specific cases he saw in court, how Oregon’s gun control laws relate to the national second amendment and what the gun lobby looks like in Oregon.

Podcast editor Sararosa Davies produced and edited this podcast. Jack Forrest hosted. Music is Slinky by Robert John — which is used through an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Creative Commons license(http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Robert_John/Compilation_1357/Slinky_1317).

News Desk Editor

Jack is the news editor at the Emerald. He is a journalism and political science major at the University of Oregon who enjoys reading alone, drinking coffee alone and eating in parks...alone. Send tips or food recs to jforrest@dailyemerald.com

Sararosa Davies is the senior podcast editor at the Emerald and has been on staff since her freshman year.She focuses on the intersection of arts, culture and health, but started out in music reporting. Sararosa loves hummus, music and weird theatre.