Editor’s Note: With school online due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures being implemented across the country, things will sound a bit different here at the Emerald Podcast Network as we navigate recording from separate physical spaces. We’ve got limited recording technology, so join us as we figure this out.

The Emerald Board has officially chosen Sarah-Mae McCullough as 2021-2022's Editor-in-Chief! Current EiC Ryan Nguyen and Multimedia Co-editor Meaghan FitzPatrick talk with Sarah-Mae about her journalistic background, her plans for the Emerald and Ryan gives her some advice along the way.

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Existential (but "not that deep") TedX video Ryan talked about

This podcast was produced by Meaghan FitzPatrick and was edited by her and Jamie Diep. Music is "A Fist Full of Organs" by Evan Dupell.

Multimedia Desk Co-Editor

Meaghan FitzPatrick is the co-editor for the Multimedia Desk at the Daily Emerald. She enjoys producing audio stories about politics, food and culture.